I told the Americans what to drink in Toronto

Imbibe is a quality magazine about drinks based in Portland, Ore.; in my opinion, it’s the most important publication on the subject of drinks that are not wine. Why? Because if you’re a good bartender or booze geek in North America, it’s how you keep on top of the trends, simple as that.

In the current issue, my Destination Toronto piece talks about the great things that have been happening for cocktail and beer drinkers in this burg over the past couple of years. I’m pretty proud of us, so it was really gratifying to do the story. Pick the issue up if you see it! There’s other great stuff in there, including a DIY spiced rum recipe that I plan to make very soon.


Buy Sharp’s Book for Men! (Scotchey Scotch Scotch)

Do you like Scotch? Do you think you would enjoy reading a tantalizing tale of one man’s whirlwind tour around Scotland to drink crazy delicious whisky, complete with an explanation of what it is and how it’s made? Scotchey Scotch Scotch?

Then pick up the fall/winter edition of Sharp’s Book for Men. No, you can’t read my piece online. But if you buy a copy, you’ll also learn about knifes and tuxedos and watches and stuff like that.