A wine critic fights back.

So this past weekend I wrote a story about the limits of wine criticism for the National Post.

I received the following email from a wine critic whose name you’d likely recognize. I have decided not to identify the author.

Andy [sic] – You entered into this article with a clear bias against wine criticism and sucked and sculpted every supporting quote out of any willing wine critic you could find (and not the best in the land either except for Szabo). You were smart enough to give Szabo the only valid counter-point, but only on the superfluous issue of wine descriptors. C’mon man up; dare you and the Post to publish an article quoting bona fide, highly experienced and honest critics who make their living at this and who have saved thousands of Canadians millions of dollars by bringing true obejctivity, based on massive tasting experience, to their profession.  We are not all HappyHour/lifestyle columnists …

My response:

Dear [redacted],

You’re absolutely wrong about me bringing any bias to this story, first off.

As for your suggestion about a follow-up story, I’m not likely to get the Post to run one anytime soon. But if you really think your combination of insults and arrogance is persuasive — rather than characteristic of the sort of attitude that turns millions of Canadians off wine altogether, or at least makes them too timid to express opinions about it  — then by all means write to [letters at nationalpost dot com] and make your case.


Adam (not Andy) McDowell


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