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portrait instaI’m an author, freelance journalist and sometime broadcaster based in Toronto.

A reporter and editor for seven years at the National Post (where I was most recently news features editor), I have been freelancing since August 2011 for publications including the Toronto Star, Toronto Life, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, The Grid [RIP], Imbibe, MoneySense, Sharp and The Guardian (UK). From 2012 to 2014 I was happy to serve as founding editor of Gastropost, a Postmedia initiative that has grown into an engaged community of food lovers in four Canadian cities. I am also the editor of Billy, a magazine and app project from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

My specialties include news and long form features, the arts, local happenings in Toronto, food and drinks.  It’s also good fun serving as the recurring drinks expert on CTV’s The Social. My book Drinks: A User’s Guide  was published by Tarcher Perigee in September 2016.

Bio eagle sm

Contact: amcdo {dot} TO {at} gmail {dot} com
Or by phone: six four seven, five hundred, sixty-seven twenty-two

Mailing address:

Adam McDowell
314 Garden Ave., Unit 2
Toronto, ON
M6R 1J8
Note to couriers: All packages must be left without signature as this is my home and I’m not there in the daytime. They will be perfectly safe.

A note to people in booze PR: My usual thing with samples is that I’m happy to get them and try them, with no promises for coverage. If you read my Fix My Drink column in the National Post you’ll see the column is about beverages that I think will interest the average casual drinker, and once I’ve figured out a topic/theme, I’ll mention any deserving, quality products that fit. It sometimes makes sense to check with me about whether I’m likely to find the product Fix My Drink worthy before sending the package. Vodka and ready-to-drink generally do not make the grade, for example …
… and I’m retired from judging cocktail competitions, no exceptions  …
 … and if you have other questions about how I work, what interests me and so on, by all means call anytime. Phone number is above.

18 thoughts on “Me, and how to contact me

  1. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for your article “Why the world needs more introverts.” We too interviewed and featured Susan Cain, author of Quiet, in our December Toastmaster magazine, and appreciate your reference to Toastmasters International as an organization that helps introverts and others improve their communications skills. We hope you will continue to call upon Toastmasters locally as experts in the field of public speaking, communications and leadership.

    Angela Burrell, PR Specialist – Toastmasters International

  2. Nice item on Robbie Burns and Malt. You are wrong, not all Scotch is matured in ex-bourbon barrels. Some use former sherry casks, others former wine wood

    1. I’m quite late replying to this, but yes, you are correct. I knew this and somehow mistyped. I did run a correction of this in the column the next week. I genuinely appreciate eagle eyes on what I write — it’s better to be kept on one’s toes

  3. He Adam.

    I was wondering if we could use this quote:

    Just as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani combatted images of dangerous, grimy New York with his famous broken windows policy, Toronto can fix its ho-hum image with a conspicuous pro-fun policy: Extend last call to 4 a.m., scrap pointless, anti-fun regulations and generally encourage the city to let loose.

    From this article:

    On our website? Email me if it’s alright with you.


  4. Hi Adam,
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your article about the Tyranny of the Chicken Finger. My wife and I are raising our 11 month old son and we hope to use your advice.
    Josh in Portland, OR

  5. I found your article on the phone, in the Saturday Post – an interesting look at the phone then and now.
    Being Deaf I have been using email and text more.
    There is a book you might find of interest by Harry G. Lang: “A Phone of Our Own: The Deaf Insurrection Against Ma Bell”

    We don’t answer the phone, due to large number of marketing calls, unless there is both name and number on the call display, on Saturday afternoon, received a call that just had our home phone number on the display with unknown name.


  6. Hello Adam, I recently enjoyed reading your article on “Fix My Drink: Spirits that have risen from the dead”. Following on in a similar theme, I thought you might like to take a look at the Lost Distillery Company. Drop me an email in case you would like to chat. Cheers, Ken

  7. Enjoyed your whisky column in the Post today. I was, however, disappointed you chose to ignore Craft Distillers like Still Waters towards the end. They make some fine bottles, including 100% Rye and a 100% Corn offerings. You might want to check them out. the gentleman you quote in your article rates them highly. Cheers

  8. Hi Anthony, I didn’t choose to ignore craft distillers; I had a tight word count and only so much room to explore different facets of the issue. And while over in your comment at the Post site itself you assumed that I hadn’t “bothered’ to try them I have: I try different products virtually every week and yes, I have plenty of experience with craft whisky. I just can’t bring it up every week or in every context. Again, word restrictions.

  9. Hello Adam, Good article on whiskeys! I still have a 1968 unopened bottle of Crown Royal with unbroken date tag that was given to my father in the Laurentians many years ago.IMG_1613.jpg

  10. Hello good sir,

    I just read your “drink em while you got em” in the Post. As a very junior scotch/whiskey drinker, I find the disappearance of older casks a big concern, but let me expand…

    While I hold heartily agree with your sentiments on the GF 15yr, my general adolescents on everything whiskey/scotch leaves me with very little knowledge on what to invest in. Perhaps you could assist me in finding a bottle that will suit my current tastes as it is very difficult, and costly to go the hands on route of trial and error in tastings. I also did not enjoy any of the Macallan series.

    I am looking for a bottle in the $100-200 range (price does not matter, taste does but at least we can keep it in the ball park). I want something sweet, smokey and on the vanilla side of the spectrum rather than the light, citrus side of things. While the GF15yr hits some of these notes, I want to go a step darker, more complex. Do you happen to have any suggestions?

    Thank you for taking the time! Always happy to learn!

  11. I’m really enjoying your new User’s Guide and plan to get a copy to have as a reference tool and gift for that certain friend one comes across. I was so pleased to see you mention my favorite spirit in rotation, Becherovka. As someone who is anise/licorice averse, this drink is a connoisseur’s option without the standard licorice flavor too common to digestifs or aperitifs. As much as I like the beton, I prefer a Czech Mule to that cocktail, if I don’t drink it straight. As I overheard another customer describe the taste to the clerk in the liquor store when the clerk ran the bottle through, “…it tastes like Christmas in a glass…” I never thought of it that way, but I have always enjoyed the cinnamon/spice flavor core to Becherovka.

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