Rye times: Canadian whisky rises again

In case you missed it, I’ve written lately about the revival of Canadian whisky in the National Post — and here are some of my top choices for brands to try, if you’re curious about how tasty it can be.

Oh, and there’s this thing about maple whisky, which isn’t so bad.

Photo by Adam McDowell: Taken at Canadian Club Brand Centre, Walkerville, Ont.


My ebook will tell you how to make cocktails (updated with links to buy)

On Dec. 4, my first e-book will be released.

UPDATE: Here’s where to buy it:

Barnes & Noble

Drink Different: A Refreshing Guide to Home Mixology is based on my columns in the National Post, but I rewrote stuff and added to it so that it functions as a primer on making cocktails at home. That’s fun and easier than you might think.

As a teaser, you can read the first chapter here.

Anyway, if you have a thirst, a thirst for knowledge, and an e-reader …

Updates! Sailing, Scotch, shilling T.O., and Screaming Lord Sutch

So! Interesting couple of weeks.

I was off to Key West, Fla., for a few days this week to go sailing as a guest of Mount Gay rum, which HAVE I MENTIONED I ENJOY VERY MUCH?

(Actually, I have endorsed it on more than one occasion. So I don’t really feel bad about accepting a junket from Mount Gay. It’s only payola if you don’t like the product – right?)

Key West is a pretty cool place: soaked in sunshine, littered with Ernest Hemingway memorabilia and populated with crusty-looking sun-dried barflies who probably don’t give the first shit about anything. I guess the most laid-back/burnt out Americans end up at the bottom of the country like so many played-out pinballs. One day soon I will write more about Key West, Florida’s spic-and-span, SpongeBob SquarePants-esque old-timer’s answer to New Orleans.

Also, they let me pilot a $3-million boat.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of what I’ve been …


I thought I’d get more flak for calling Toronto the most exciting city in Canada while also making the point that it should learn some self-promotion mojo from New York.

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Dreaming of a black Christmas

Adam McDowell

Tune in to this coming Saturday’s National Post for a trio of whiskies branded in black, new to Canada for holiday 2011.

By way of preview, The Black Grouse is bloody fantastic. A must-try for lovers of full-on stinky, smoky whisky.

Link to follow once my Happy Hour column is posted at the National Post’s grub and booze blog, The Appetizer.

UPDATE: And here it is.

It is fancy rum tasting day

Not all Mondays are this pleasant, so I thought I’d share. The subject of this coming Saturday’s Happy Hour column is quality sipping rums, and, well, I have to taste what I write about. The trick to being a booze writer is to drink enough to enjoy it and make notes, but not so much that you get too buzzed to write. So far I have kept focused. But the Mount Gay 1703 is pretty much my favourite rum, and it is next.

So what’s your Monday at work like, suckers?