My ebook will tell you how to make cocktails (updated with links to buy)

On Dec. 4, my first e-book will be released. UPDATE: Here’s where to buy it: iTunes Kobo Amazon Google Barnes & Noble OverDrive Drink Different: A Refreshing Guide to Home Mixology is based on my columns in the National Post, but I rewrote stuff and added to it so that it functions as a primer on making cocktails at home. That’s fun and easier than you might think. As a teaser, you can read the first chapter here. Anyway, if you have a thirst, a thirst for knowledge, and an e-reader …

Updates! Sailing, Scotch, shilling T.O., and Screaming Lord Sutch

So! Interesting couple of weeks. I was off to Key West, Fla., for a few days this week to go sailing as a guest of Mount Gay rum, which HAVE I MENTIONED I ENJOY VERY MUCH? (Actually, I have endorsed it on more than one occasion. So I don’t really feel bad about accepting a junket from Mount Gay. It’s only payola if you don’t like the product – right?) Key West is a pretty cool place: soaked in sunshine, littered with Ernest Hemingway memorabilia and populated with crusty-looking sun-dried barflies who probably don’t give the first shit about anything….

Dreaming of a black Christmas

Tune in to this coming Saturday’s National Post for a trio of whiskies branded in black, new to Canada for holiday 2011. By way of preview, The Black Grouse is bloody fantastic. A must-try for lovers of full-on stinky, smoky whisky. Link to follow once my Happy Hour column is posted at the National Post’s grub and booze blog, The Appetizer. UPDATE: And here it is.

It is fancy rum tasting day

Not all Mondays are this pleasant, so I thought I’d share. The subject of this coming Saturday’s Happy Hour column is quality sipping rums, and, well, I have to taste what I write about. The trick to being a booze writer is to drink enough to enjoy it and make notes, but not so much that you get too buzzed to write. So far I have kept focused. But the Mount Gay 1703 is pretty much my favourite rum, and it is next. So what’s your Monday at work like, suckers?