For the sake of cuteness let’s call them ‘chalktivists’

Did you happen to see the chalkboards that covered one of those awful info pillars at College and Bathurst over the weekend? Did you write on them? (If so, you wrote a swear, didn’t you?)

My first story for OpenFile is an exclusive interview with the public space activists who made it happen. More shoe-leather reporting — it’s been a good month for that.

LINK: Meet the masterminds behind the info-pillar takeover | OpenFile.


Rob Ford as muse in National Post

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as Humpty Dumpty. Ford as Godzilla. Ford as a plain garden variety fat blob.

Has it ever occurred to you that Ford gets caricatured a heck of a lot? Like, for example, here, here and oh yeah, here ? I was sort of turning this over in my head, trying to figure out whether this is just plain, old-fashioned mean lampooning of a fat man. Or  are Ford’s physical flaws fair game in the age-old game of political caricature? I couldn’t decide, and being in debate with oneself typically leads to a good story, especially an essay-style one.

Good or not, I got to speak with some very thoughtful and persuasive people along the way and this is what I came up with for the Saturday, Jan. 7 edition of the National Post.