Sept. 22: See what it’s like to get bored by George Clooney

For everyone who’s ever asked me what it’s like to cover the Toronto film festival, well, TIFF is now posting videos of the 2011 press conferences.

Embedded is the presser for The Descendants — I think that one took place Saturday, Sept. 10. Yes, I was there. What I remember is Clooney on his best (most polite) behaviour to date at one of these things, probably to set a good example for the kids.

So watch and you will see. What I give you as a reporter is 500 pithy words about what happened. The reality is that it’s 30-45 minutes in a room with people talking, and even if it’s George Clooney, it can get boring.

I bet you can’t stay interested long enough to watch the whole thing.