A whisky odyssey for Burns Day

Glenfiddich Distillery Malt 15 Years Old

In today’s National Post I relate the story of the most wonderfully strange junket I’ve ever been on. It involved three days in Scotland, two in Denmark, a lot of whisky and plenty of insight into what makes Scotch whisky the beloved spirit it is.

To wit, one nugget I had to cut from the story for length: Male distillery workers will sometimes wear women’s grooming products. When you’re nosing 300 casks a day, explained Glenfiddich’s affable malt master Brian Kinsman, “You have to buy ladies’ deodorant. Unscented men’s doesn’t exist — or at least I haven’t found it.”

The principal lesson, however, was that marketing Scotch means being up for new ideas and adventures: trying venison with sticks, holding meetings in Malaysia and maintaining ties to quiet little whisky festivals in Denmark. Continue reading “A whisky odyssey for Burns Day”


Dreaming of a black Christmas

Adam McDowell

Tune in to this coming Saturday’s National Post for a trio of whiskies branded in black, new to Canada for holiday 2011.

By way of preview, The Black Grouse is bloody fantastic. A must-try for lovers of full-on stinky, smoky whisky.

Link to follow once my Happy Hour column is posted at the National Post’s grub and booze blog, The Appetizer.

UPDATE: And here it is.