Big food, big discoveries, big debates in culture and politics. Also sandwiches.

Here are some samples of my writing.

Why do we feed kids such boring food? (National Post/ebook)

“Cut up a fresh, bone-in chicken breast and you’ll notice that it naturally separates into two parts.”

“Five elderly women and a man stare ahead of them, silently searching for a word …”

Indigenous languages on life support (National Post)
Building a better apple (National Post)

“Despite his tender age, Robert Kornacki draws upon more experience than most when tasting unfamiliar fruit.”

“To learn to love (or at least affectionately laugh at) something so lifeless and limp is to get inside the mind of a British person …”

An ode to the British sandwich (G Adventures)

“At Old Faithful Shop, every object has a story to tell.”

Luxury without the logo: ‘Slow goods’ (The Globe and Mail)
Prospecting enters the digital age (TVO)

​”From 1906 until early this morning, the process for staking a mineral-rights claim in Ontario was the same …”

“It’s exciting when a delivery arrives on your doorstep … but what really matters is what’s inside.”

When an Amazon warehouse comes to town (TVO)
Roger Penrose: Bang goes that theory (National Post)

“The Big Bang was not the true beginning, the universe dies and is reborn endlessly, and the laws of existence permit at least a glimpse behind the curtain of infinity.”